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The Daughter of Heraclitus

I am not who I was before Although That person is still part of who I am Part of me This life of mine but a process Of replacing one piece at a… Continue reading

All in Good Time | poetry

The face of my watch mocks me. I try to run – a dream of heaviness and impossible slopes – yet Its hands chase me still as I reach for things that are… Continue reading

Desire | poetry

Sacred name Silhouette of David Apparition of magnificence Statuesque Shiny golden ringlets for my fingers Heavenly orbs, reminiscent of blue One glance – agony Singular smile – ecstasy Strange emotion, desire Another holds… Continue reading

Waiting | poetry

Yesterday I sat beside my window waiting silently as the rain came down. Across our narrow alley was your window, no illumination from within. I reached out to touch your pane, wondering how… Continue reading

Locked Away

We lost you twice. The first time was gradual. The last time, sudden. Expected, but quick. We visited you. You nodded in all the right places. You communicated but we did not understand.… Continue reading

Excuse Me, Sir | poetry

Excuse me, sir, can you tell me where I am? I am not sure how I got here or really where this place is; It seems familiar, but I don’t remember turning onto… Continue reading

Memory by Colors / poetry

Memories of red, white, and blue I know this one by color I’ve gone through them all (almost) But where is the one of you Dressed in a snappy, casual, almost officey Shorts outfit… Continue reading

Politico / (poetry)

Pump me full of what you have to give Fill every orifice and crack, leaving nothing empty I am your receptacle Let your words fall on my face, my ears, my body I… Continue reading