Memory by Colors / poetry

Memories of red, white, and blue
I know this one by color
I’ve gone through them all (almost)
But where is the one of you
Dressed in a snappy, casual, almost officey
Shorts outfit of red, white, and blue?
I know that I have it
It must be somewhere
Packed away in a box for a time that we would not need it
Only now we do
Birthday smiles, Christmas snapshots, candid and posed
When you were young, or celebrating with your girlfriends
On honeymoon, or just relaxing at the lake
These photographs are assembled for the day
But where is the one of you in pinstripes
Holding your favorite drink, as in so many others
Should I crop those out
Or let the memories live boldly as you did?
Should I crop those out 
To let the memories live privately as you did?
I just need the snapshot of you in your patriotic pantsuit
To complete the series of memories we will live by tomorrow
I doubt anyone else has seen this photograph
But if I miss it, I will know
And your day will be incomplete
Where are you in your red, white and blue?