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This Old House

What has happened to this house? It seems as if we just built yesterday, Yet the floors seem to give way as I stand. Its walls list and move as if it were… Continue reading

Our Sammy

This is our Sammy. He is 15 years old, and not doing well. He is part of our family, and our hearts are hurting. It’s a difficult thing to reconcile our feelings for him… Continue reading

Hero Cats are Nothing New

I’m sure you’ve seen the video of a boy being attack by a neighbor’s dog. The boy is making his way up the driveway when the neighbor’s dog sees him, stalks him, and… Continue reading

Love is a Many Splendored Bitch of a Thing

Since my writing has dropped off dramatically after giving the 365-day challenge a try, I thought I’d skim through some of the prompts for a bit of inspiration. Today’s prompt was about deep… Continue reading

Never Trust Your Life to a Hungry Cat

March 19 – 365 days of writing challenge Prompt: do you have a menagerie of animals, etc. Yes. Yes, I do have a menagerie of animals. I have two dogs, nine pigeons (we… Continue reading

Gino, Circa 2010

My sweet kitty, Gino, is afflicted by that ever-so-inevitable cat ailment, kidney disease.  When I got him from the Bessemer Humane Society when he was oh so tiny, MAYBE 6 weeks old, he… Continue reading