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That is Too Good | Wash Your Mouth Out Wednesday

Today, on Facebook, my sister posted a picture of a pencil sketch by her daughter. It was a black and white sketch of a cracked egg. It was almost exquisite in its simplicity… Continue reading

Here is what kids know that adults have forgotten

One afternoon, my son and I were in the backyard.  I think he was around four years old.  Our neighbor, who lives on the street before ours, has grandchildren. Their home sits at… Continue reading

Cleaning is for Sisyphusses

365 Days of Writing Prompt: Does a messy house make you nervous and cranky, or do you clean just before company comes over? It’s both. Since I have a child, three cats and… Continue reading

The Ideal Neighborhood? Slow the Hell Down and Notice that My Kid is There, Please

March 25, 365 days of writing Prompt: Idyllic – What does your ideal community look like? How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share? Sometime… Continue reading

What Kind of Truck was That, Again? (explicit language ahead)

Over the past eight years of my son’s life, I have learned first-hand why there was a show about the things that children say. My son has always had a great vocabulary, but… Continue reading

Letting Him Leave

My sister and I were dressed for bed when we got the news that our dad was going to move out for a while.  It’s not the kind of conversation a ten-year-old expects… Continue reading