Gino, Circa 2010

My sweet kitty, Gino, is afflicted by that ever-so-inevitable cat ailment, kidney disease.  When I got him from the Bessemer Humane Society when he was oh so tiny, MAYBE 6 weeks old, he… Continue reading

A Doggone Paradigm Shift

Last year, I decided that I needed a paradigm shift. It was not a decision that came either naturally or easily. I had been unemployed for several months, and as my unemployment had… Continue reading

Sunrise Over Dakar

This is the sunrise over Dakar, Senegal, from my window seat in 2009. This was my second time passing through this coastal city on my way to Zambia, still two airports away.  … Continue reading

Hate is a Simple Fact of Life

I thought I might go through the exercise of resurrecting and editing a few of my older posts – the ones I wasn’t quite happy with the first time around.  So tonight, I… Continue reading