Do Plans Get in the Way of Real Life?

March 15, 365 days of writing Prompt: Comfort Zone – routine and planning, or laissez faire spontaneity? So here’s where I get weird. I love schedules. I love knowing what’s going to happen… Continue reading

And Then My Life Took a Turn for the Better

I am writing this entry in response to WordPress’s “365 days of writing” challenge. I just ran aross it today, and thought I’d join in. I don’t blog every day, but I appreciate… Continue reading

What Kind of Truck was That, Again? (explicit language ahead)

Over the past eight years of my son’s life, I have learned first-hand why there was a show about the things that children say. My son has always had a great vocabulary, but… Continue reading

The Backstory on The Mouth of Truth

Since I’ve always been intrigued by this relic, I was determined to see it on my trip to Italy.  My graduate school class was going there for our three-day preceptorship, during which we… Continue reading

A Recurring Dream

My husband and I, for a while after we were married, lived in a garage apartment next to my parents’ home.  It was detached from the house, and, as the name implies, consisted… Continue reading

Letting Him Leave

My sister and I were dressed for bed when we got the news that our dad was going to move out for a while.  It’s not the kind of conversation a ten-year-old expects… Continue reading

Back Off Northerners, It Wasn’t Just Snow!

This week, our region experienced a snowstorm. It was predicted to fall south of Birmingham, therefore, all of our sand trucks had traveled to help with the expected mayhem in that direction. When… Continue reading

I Don’t have ADD, I’m Just an Asshole

**Disclaimer** Yes, I realize that ADD is an actual condition, and no, I am not making fun of it. This is a fictional story, not about me, and not about you either.  Sorry,… Continue reading

When are You “Too Old” to Enjoy Pop Music?

“Now the party don’t start ’til I walk in.” ~Ke$ha If you’re 23, you’re walking in. If you’re 43, you’re more boucing in, with your loose skin and wrinkles. I never actually liked Ke$ha until… Continue reading

Sometimes You Can’t Take it With You

  My journey had come to an end. I gathered my things from the overhead compartment and from around my seat, which had become quite a mess. I stood in the line that… Continue reading