A Cup of Christmas

Originally posted on Beth Rommel Studio:
My dear friend Barbara Barth, also known as Writer with Dogs, has compiled an anthology of Christmas writings this year. A nice way to get into the…

The Daughter of Heraclitus

I am not who I was before Although That person is still part of who I am Part of me This life of mine but a process Of replacing one piece at a… Continue reading

My Wish for Us | poetry

I know you don’t want commitment and obligations, so how about a best friend? Someone with whom to laugh and cry and share openly. Someone, not to be there waiting when you come… Continue reading

Impermanence | poetry

A squirrel ran across the path as she walked deeper into the grove. A bird in the canopy above uttered a sad lamentation. Her face was shaded from the sun as she made… Continue reading

Inevitable | poetry

I shower, dry my hair, dress myself, kiss my husband and my little boy on the cheek while they are still asleep, and drive to work, putting on my makeup in the car.… Continue reading

All in Good Time | poetry

The face of my watch mocks me. I try to run – a dream of heaviness and impossible slopes – yet Its hands chase me still as I reach for things that are… Continue reading

No Solace | poetry

The life I was trying to assemble fell to pieces when you called my name. That voice so familiar, yet unheard for years. The immediate flush of my cheeks. The years had not… Continue reading

Desire | poetry

Sacred name Silhouette of David Apparition of magnificence Statuesque Shiny golden ringlets for my fingers Heavenly orbs, reminiscent of blue One glance – agony Singular smile – ecstasy Strange emotion, desire Another holds… Continue reading

Waiting | poetry

Yesterday I sat beside my window waiting silently as the rain came down. Across our narrow alley was your window, no illumination from within. I reached out to touch your pane, wondering how… Continue reading

How Long Has it Been This Way?

I take my inspiration from two places tonight – a song and a blog post, both of which shall remain nameless. “How long has it been this way?”  Forever, I guess, is my… Continue reading