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Nine Dollars’ Worth of Kindness

This afternoon as I was leaving work – jaywalking in order to reach the busstop on time – a man approached me.  Well, he didn’t exactly approach.  As I passed him on the… Continue reading

I Just Can’t Understand!

You’ve heard people say it, I’m sure, about various things. “I just can’t understand how someone could…” and you can finish the rest, because this is a common phrase. When I hear that… Continue reading

How Long Has it Been This Way?

I take my inspiration from two places tonight – a song and a blog post, both of which shall remain nameless. “How long has it been this way?”  Forever, I guess, is my… Continue reading

I Can’t Take This Shit Anymore | Wash Your Mouth Out Wednesday

If you are offended by the word “shit,” or fecal euphemisms, take my advice and turn away now, because this post is literally full of shit. I have had a bit of a… Continue reading

Locked Away

We lost you twice. The first time was gradual. The last time, sudden. Expected, but quick. We visited you. You nodded in all the right places. You communicated but we did not understand.… Continue reading

The Transient Nature of Identity

I am on vacation and writing this on my iPod, so let’s hope it goes well. I have been thinking about this post for a couple of days now. Lots of time to… Continue reading

Next Week Comes Sooner Than You Think

Call this an inspirational post if you will, but it is being written as much for me as it is for you. I also have a friend in mind who could use a… Continue reading

A Post so Shallow, the Bottoms of Your Feet Won’t Get Wet

Do you see the picture of me here?  It is hideous. Yes, don’t try to placate me. It is. I was a nerd, apparently, and my school pictures never hid this fact. Lately,… Continue reading

Standing on the Periphery of the Freedom to Just Be

I began writing this post yesterday, and then was so excited when I saw tonight’s topic for Return of the Modern Philosopher’s Friday Night Think Tank: Freedom Edition.  I went ahead and changed into… Continue reading

Loud and Proud: Loving an Aging Body

Tonight I read a Huff Post blog entry about a woman who has decided to be out there, loud and proud, in a bathing suit. For any men reading, let me fill you… Continue reading