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That is Too Good | Wash Your Mouth Out Wednesday

Today, on Facebook, my sister posted a picture of a pencil sketch by her daughter. It was a black and white sketch of a cracked egg. It was almost exquisite in its simplicity… Continue reading

Goodbye, Friend: You Did So Much for Me

Throughout our lives, friends come and go. We have acquaintances, online friends, and friends in real life. These friends are found in different times, introduced by other friends, found at work, or simply happened-upon… Continue reading

Losing Dogs is Different Than Losing Cats

I have had my share of grief over the past few years. The loss of two jobs. The loss of my workplace status. The illness and recovery of a beloved pet. The loss… Continue reading

This Old House

What has happened to this house? It seems as if we just built yesterday, Yet the floors seem to give way as I stand. Its walls list and move as if it were… Continue reading

Our Sammy

This is our Sammy. He is 15 years old, and not doing well. He is part of our family, and our hearts are hurting. It’s a difficult thing to reconcile our feelings for him… Continue reading

Nine Dollars’ Worth of Kindness

This afternoon as I was leaving work – jaywalking in order to reach the busstop on time – a man approached me.  Well, he didn’t exactly approach.  As I passed him on the… Continue reading

I Just Can’t Understand!

You’ve heard people say it, I’m sure, about various things. “I just can’t understand how someone could…” and you can finish the rest, because this is a common phrase. When I hear that… Continue reading

Empathy and compassion: Get some. (re-blogging)

Please check out this slice of truth I am re-blogging from my friend, “Mom Goes On.” Empathy and compassion: Get some..

The Youth of Today | Wash Your Mouth Out Wednesday

If I hear one more time that our world is going to hell in a handbasket carried by the younger generations, I am going to buy myself a pair of noise-canceling headphones and… Continue reading

You Will Fall | Wash Your Mouth Out Wednesday

“You are going to fail.” That’s what I read in @christipedigo ‘s Tweet. I had asked my friends on Twitter for suggestions for a WYMOW post, and hers was the second one that… Continue reading