No Solace | poetry

The life I was trying to assemble

fell to pieces when you called my name.

That voice so familiar, yet unheard for years.

The immediate flush of my cheeks.

The years had not brushed away the fingerprints you left on my life.

Sweetest dreams reminded me of what I strugled to forget.

Noctural kisses making my stomach quiver all day.

Drifting into oblivion upon the remembrance of looking into your eyes.

We could have flown away together

but the endless ache of my longing again finds no relief.

Will I pass you on the street unknowingly or perhaps never again at all?

I find my self alone again among the lonely hordes.

Reaching out and never connecting.

Looking and never finding.

Wandering and never reaching.

Hoping every day to find the solace that can only come with your return.