How Long Has it Been This Way?

I take my inspiration from two places tonight – a song and a blog post, both of which shall remain nameless.

“How long has it been this way?”  Forever, I guess, is my answer.

We love, we squabble, and we hate, and we have done this as long as time remembers.

If you remember the old adage, “There is nothing new under the sun,” then you can understand where I am coming from. We all fall in love. We all covet that which is more than that which we have. We all want what is seemingly impossible for ourselves. But in the end, what we really desire is simply to be happy, and to end up in a good place. Sometimes we achieve the impossible, but the dream alone should make us something special.

May I make a suggestion that it should be a goal of ours (all of us!) to help each other be happy? This precludes tearing down, dissing, and dismissing.

Just a thought. That is all I have for tonight. I tried for more, but this was in my heart.