March 20, 365 days of writing

Prompt: what is your personality type

There. I said it. Now you all know what I am really made of.  Now you know that I am an introvert. It doesn’t tell you that I am shy, but there it is as well.  It doesn’t tell you that I cringe before I hit the button “publish post” each time, but I have offered that for your consideration. Now you also know why my Facebook circle of friends is small. If you look up the acronym, you will know that I live inside my head, which makes it difficult to hold conversations at times. Just today, a new friend looked at me silently, waiting for my response; it was there, inside my head, but I couldn’t find the voice for it, or the way to express it in just the right way.  I nodded instead.  If she had tried to pin me down, I would have pointed out that any decision of hers should be hers alone, but that she should definitely keep her possibilities open. I tried to give her as wide an overview of my opinion as possible, advising her to keep in mind that any outside views are very subjective.

It seems strange, on the surface, that we all can fit so neatly into these personality categories. Of course, each of these areas are scored on a scale of 10, so is impossible for anyone to be in the exact middle of either extreme. The chance of any one of us fitting exactly one of these personality types is a calculable probability. That makes all of us more alike than we had ever imagined, hoped, or feared.